WAREERAK: Khlongtom Hot Spring Tour


Khlongtom Hot Spring Tour
(Saline Hot spring & Hot Waterfall)


Several mineral hot spring sorces are found in Khlongtom area. This half day program is designed to take you to visit two different types of hot springs-Saline Hot Spring and Hot Waterfall with our trained therapists who will accompany and guide you through a special hydrotherapy experience.

Program Tour: Time 06.30 a.m. -15.00 p.m.
       06:30  Pick-up from hotel.
       07:00  Go to Saline Hot Spring.
       09:00  Arrive at Hot Spring relax in the unseen juggle bathtub with temperature about 40 - 50 the degree Celsius. Aside from the hot springs there are hot water pools which are made like spa system, good for relaxing
      11:00  Have lunch at Emerald Pond After lunch, start hiking into the rain forest which many natural springs and pools along. The largest pool called “Emerald Pond” never dries up.
      15:00  Back to the hotel

Tour Included: Insurance, Entrance Fee and Therapist
Remark: In case of weather changes or other obstacles, the program tour will be changed for suitability without prior notice.

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